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Τhe place where ENIGMA and LIASTRES were built has a history of at least 100 years. When Stoupa was still an unknown destination with very few houses, people of northern villages came here while they had harvested LOUPINA* and boiled their crops which were laid in the sea for about 5 days. Later on, when they had lost their bitter taste, they were laid under the sun. The traditional restaurant "LIASTRES" was named after from this process.

*LOUPINO: It's a dry fruit that people in Mani ate while they were working. LOUPINA are rich in energy.

The traditional restaurant "LIASTRES" welcomes you and offers you traditional dishes. Showing respect to the human health, we choose for you fresh vegetables, local meat, dishes cooked with merit and always olive oil of Mani, of our production.

Enjoying our tastes and drinking our wine, you will have a view of the beach of Stoupa and Messinian Bay.

We are waiting for you for an enjoyable lunch or supper.


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Stoupa, Messinia, Peloponnese, Greece

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